Student Voices

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Ana Basoco, Student

"I like CITS because it allows me to learn how to code, which is an interest I have that my class doesn’t have enough time to thoroughly teach. Prodigy Program helps me by not only teaching me one of my favorite hobbies, but the environment I learn in is not as strict as at school so you’re not as stressed as during the school day."

Ana, a freshman at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, is one of our newest and most dedicated Prodigy Program scholars. Despite having just joined the group, she is already participating in the advanced track where she is learning Python development.

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Marissa Bush, ALumna

"Code in the Schools gave me a foundation. I hadn't been exposed to much tech before them. Now I am a sophomore Computer Science major at Morgan State University. During the summer, I was an intern through the Facebook University program. Code in the Schools taught me the skills that I needed in order to teach myself how to do things I didn't know how to do."

Marissa, one of our most successful alumna, has come back to work with the organization as a workshop facilitator and app developer.

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"It is a privilege to teach this powerful tool to disenfranchised youth of Baltimore City and give them a leg up in any dream or career they choose."

Two summers ago, David was randomly placed in CodeWorks and quickly excelled despite never having studied coding before. After CodeWorks he joined Prodigy Program where he worked on the Bad Batch Alert project. Today, David is a full-time instructor with us and teaches elementary students the basics of computer science.