Through a partnership with the Mayor's Office of Employment Development YouthWorks program we offer CodeWorks, a 5-week coding bootcamp that pays Baltimore City youth to learn CS. We launched CodeWorks in 2016 with our program serving 60 youth age 16-21 at four sites across the city. We utilize CodeWorks is utilized as an opportunity to expose youth to a new career path and a new form of thinking. To read about the success of the program, check out this CNN Tech article.


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Our 2017 program, held at the University of Baltimore, was offered to more than 60 youth this summer.

Our students spent their mornings participating in a diverse number of classes, ranging from Game Design to Racial Injustice. These morning classes also offered our cohort the chance to earn 1 college credit. In the afternoon, our students learned various programming languages like JavaScript, CSS and HTML. Utilizing their new skillset, some of our students created their own independent projects.

Please take some time to read about some of the amazing projects and experiences our students have to share! 

75% of our 2017 cohort plan to participate in our Prodigy Program in the fall.