Code in the Schools

We are working hard to bring computer science instruction to every student in Baltimore City.

Do you know any high school students that are interested in computer science?  Check out the Code in the Schools' Prodigy Program!

School Programs

Code in the Schools partners with schools, libraries and rec centers to provide in-school and out-of-school programs.

Five Code in the Schools students coding

Game Jam

Join Code in the Schools for the annual game jam!  Students are welcome from throughout the area to learn to program and create their own game in less than 24 hours!

Inside a computer

Equipment, Curriculum and Training

View Code in the Schools original curriculum, buy computer science equipment for your classroom or household, or sign up for training on how to implement computer science into your school!

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The Prodigy Program

The Prodigy Program is a job training program for high school students. Learn how to code and then be placed in an internship with an industry professional organization.

Squishy Circuit Directions

Did you buy a squishy circuit kit at Artscape? Wanna learn how to make it light up?

Why Teach Computer Science?

Computer Science is one of the fastest growing fields in the country, yet few students receive computer science instruction in the classroom.

School Leaders

Partner with Code in the Schools to enhance your computer science offerings.


Download computer science curriculum or buy equipment for your classroom.


Check out the free resources you can use to teach your child computer science.


Donate your time or money to help support Code in the Schools’ mission.