Since 2013, we have worked to spread access to computer science education across Baltimore City. We work with a diverse group of 22 community partners to ensure our programs have a real impact with measurable outcomes.


Our Mission

We are committed to expanding access to quality computer science education programs in Baltimore City to ensure that all Baltimore residents are prepared to be active members of the 21st century economy. We achieve this through fun and innovative in-school, after-school, and summer programming for youth age 4-21, as well as professional development for educators throughout the region.

“Computer Science is a liberal art: it’s something everybody should be exposed to and everyone should have a mastery of to some extent”
— Steve Jobs

What We've Achieved

Click the image to read our 2016 Annual Report and learn about our widespread impact in Baltimore City.

Click the image to read our 2017 Annual Report highlighting special program, projects, and students.