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2nd Annual Girls in CS Summit

  • Coppin State University, Science and Technology Center 2500 West North Avenue Baltimore, MD, 21216 United States (map)

Code in the Schools and Coppin State University invite girls across the Greater Baltimore Area to participate in the 2nd Annual Girls in (CS) Computer Science Summit.

The Summit aims to expose young women who have not traditionally had access to computer science education to a dynamic day of workshops and networking with leading female technologists and computer scientists. The Summit will also introduce participants to Coppin State University and share information about enrolling in the university’s Computer Science program.

Breakfast, lunch, and snacks will be provided. Registration for this event is now closed.

Keynote Speakers:
Gretchen LeGrand
, Code in the Schools, Chief Executive Officer
Leshell Hatley, Coppin State University, Assistant Professor of Math and Computer Science

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Workshop Facilitators + Workshop Descriptions:


Ana Basoco, Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, 10th Grade, Current Prodigy Program Youth

In this workshop you’ll learn a mixture of data science, automation and Python to build something useful and fun: Smart bots for social change! By the end of this workshop, you will be able to launch your Twitterbot into the worldwide Twitterverse!

Damini Agarwal, Infinite Biomedical Technologies, Biomedical Engineer

Discover Embedded with Artificial Limbs!
Come design your own embedded system and see how they make artificial limbs work! Learn about designing circuits with controllers and programming them through this hands-on workshop!

Sarah Dietrich, Howard County Girls Who Code & BeYou Inc., Self-taught Coder & Mentor

Hacking to Learn: Website Security
Join us as we graffiti webpages displayed in the browser and break into a grading system. Learn about website security, browser development tools, and databases through this interactive hacking workshop.

Maggie Epps, Wikimedia Foundation, Software Engineer

Open Source Stories: How to Contribute to the Free Knowledge Movement
Have you used Wikipedia before? Join us to learn how to contribute to the content and the software that powers wikis around the world.  We will explore how to shape stories on the web and how to tell your story in an open source community.


Melanie Shimano, Baltimore City Department of General Services, Food Computer Program Director, Data Automation & Technology Analyst

The Internet of Things and Coding for the Physical World
What can we do with computer programming besides typing at a computer? Learn how to to things in real life (like creating a time-lapse gif of yourself and making robots move!) with computer code in this workshop about Raspberry Pi (a mini, $35 computer)!

Natasha Isler

Tech Designing: Sketch Ideas About Apps for Girls by Girls
In this workshop, you will begin to create a blueprint for a proof of concept by sharing your creative ideas about the future of apps for Girls by Girls. The session will introduce the discovery stages of designing mobile technology focusing on ‘How might we’ design apps for girls.

Kathleen Mazurek, Decode Me Space, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Create a Socio Emotional Snapchat Filter
Join me as we explore symbolism both in imagery and color to develop your very own personalized Snapchat filter thumbnails using, a free browser-based design software. Emotions are complex and need a broader range of digital expression beyond yellow for ‘happy’ and red for ‘angry.’ Participants will use a variety of brushes, stickers, and develop color swatches to translate their emotional spectrum.

Karina Mandell, Green Smart Cities, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

You Design Your City
Traditional” civic engagement looks like you’d expect - It's voting, attending City Council meetings, contacting representatives and government offices, going to meetings on school and local matters, writing letters to the editor. Let's look at the problems that are happening in Baltimore and see what technology solutions we can come up with!